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Join Australia's best Affiliate Program and get generously rewarded every month. Each new member you sign up to CoinSpot means more commission and earnings.

As a leading Australian cryptocurrency exchange, we know there is nothing more important than our customers. If you bring more valued customers to the CoinSpot community you will be rewarded with one of the highest commission rates available. Best of all, the commission is paid for three years from the new member’s verification which could create a growing revenue stream for you.

To date, some of our most successful Affiliate Program members are earning over $5,000 per month.

We want to ensure that all members of the Affiliate Program are rewarded generously; and with our latest update to the program, the harder you work the more you will be paid. Simple as that. Therefore, we’ve made sure that our commission structure is simple and straightforward to reflect this.

The more users you bring on, the higher your commission will be

The commission rate starts at 30% and is effective for 12 months from the verification of each member. This means that if someone signs up via your Affiliate link and is verified from January 1st 2020, you will receive a 30% commission on their trading fees until January 1st 2021. This commission rate will then decrease gradually every 12 months. Therefore, the more new users you can consistently bring on, the more of them will be on the highest commission rate. See the summary on the side.

0-12 months
12-24 months
24-36 months

We pay your affiliate commision based on the fees collected

CoinSpot profits from member transactions by charging fees on each Buy and Sell that members conduct on our site. We will pay you 30%* of the net fees we collect.

You will receive 30%* of the following:
*The commission rate will begin at 30% for the first 12 months of your Affiliate/s trading and will decrease every 12 months for three years.
  • 1% of AUD instant Buy/Sell for Bitcoin
  • 1% of AUD instant Buy/Sell for other Cryptocurrencies
  • 0.5% of the Trades between different Cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin)

Receive a payment by the 15th of each month

You will receive a payment for member transactions by the 15th
of each month for three years since your affiliates’ verification.

Our fees and the commissions paid, are subject to change. From time to time we may offer incentives above and beyond this structure for high performing members of our affiliate program and will contact you to advise of this.

By participating in the CoinSpot Affiliate program,
you accept our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

Please note

SMSF Accounts are not eligible to participate in the Affiliate Program due to legislative restrictions. To join the affiliate program you will need to create a separate Individual or Business account.

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