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Whether new to cryptocurrency or an experienced trader, the CoinSpot OTC team can assist you with lock-in pricing 24/7 with Australia's lowest fee of 0.1%.

What is OTC and why use it?

CoinSpot's specialised Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading Desk allows members to perform high-volume transactions without the need of traditional public order books. Customers that perform high volume crypto trading through CoinSpot, can benefit from a wide range of cryptocurrencies and the ability to execute large orders with ease, compared to other exchanges.

Personal service
Direct access to a professional Account Manager for all trading enquiries. Our team is available 7 days a week to assist with seamless trade execution.
Lock-in price
Use lock in pricing to eliminate slippage and allow high volume trading 24/7 with Australia's lowest fee of 0.1%. CoinSpot makes OTC crypto trading simple.
Easy access
Access all assets instantly after trade settlement. Execute large orders easily on the market leading platform for high volume crypto trading.

How to request an OTC trade?

Submit an OTC request with CoinSpot
OTC team replies via email with quote
Approve or Deny the quote our OTC team sends you

Choose according to your needs

CoinSpot provides an automated OTC service that is available 24/7. So now you can get a quote at any time outside of the OTC consultants working hours. With lock-in pricing and low fees, traders can avoid the waiting time offered by other exchanges and access efficient and seamless market execution across a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Order Enquiry 8AM to 10PM $50,000 Within minutes (working days) 5 minutes after receiving the quote
Instant 24/7 service $50,000 Instant turnaround 1 minute
All times stated are in AEDT. Access to Instant OTC services are subject to eligibility requirements. Please contact our OTC team for expressions of interest.
OTC options Order Enquiry Instant
Availability 9am - 5pm 24/7
Minimum amount (in AUD) $50,000 $50,000
Avg. turnaround time Within minutes (working days) Instant
Time to accept the quote 5 mins 1 min
All times stated are in AEDT. Access to Instant OTC services are subject to eligibility requirements. Please contact our OTC team for expressions of interest.

Need more help?

Please submit your request via Zendesk - or start a conversation with us via Live Chat and our team will provide full instructions and advice.

average reply rate <30 seconds
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Frequently asked questions

CoinSpot offers a range of free and instant AUD deposit methods such as PayID & Direct Deposit. We also offer methods such as BPAY, cash deposit & RTGS giving user’s ultimate flexibility when allocating funds to their account.
Our OTC team is available 9am - 5pm everyday with multiple avenues where users can easily get in touch. These services include direct email, live chat and phone assistance for any OTC queries you might have.
There is only one clear fee of 0.1% per OTC transaction. Not only is this Australia’s lowest trading fee, customers of CoinSpot’s OTC can also benefit from free, high value deposit options and AUD withdrawals.
Everyone is able to utilise CoinSpots OTC, not just high net worth individuals. CoinSpots OTC offering allows customers access to continuous crypto trades with readily available liquidity if the minimum buy/sell amount is fulfilled. All without the need for traditional market order books, which is often required through traditional digital currency exchanges.

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