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CoinSpot markets allow you to trade directly with other CoinSpot customers for Australia’s lowest fee of 0.1%.

BTC/AUD $101061.60 $101122.96 $100775.00 1.11% View BTC/AUD Market
BTC/USDT $71661.00 $70000.00 $66100.00 1.11% View BTC/USDT Market
USDT/AUD $1.516960 $1.516994 $1.505442 0.24% View USDT/AUD Market
ETH/AUD $5305.97 $5305.12 $5290.00 0.21% View ETH/AUD Market
ADA/AUD $0.644277 $0.645853 $0.634789 1.11% View ADA/AUD Market
XRP/AUD $0.726000 $0.736448 $0.725080 0.70% View XRP/AUD Market
DOGE/AUD $0.213500 $0.218608 $0.213319 0.30% View DOGE/AUD Market
LTC/AUD $123.00 $122.44 $120.00 3.03% View LTC/AUD Market
XLM/AUD $0.148228 $0.157747 $0.141023 0.22% View XLM/AUD Market
TRX/AUD $0.185340 $0.187227 $0.171442 0.58% View TRX/AUD Market
EOS/AUD $1.0330 $1.1114 $1.0013 1.02% View EOS/AUD Market
NEO/AUD $20.50 $22.00 $18.81 0.60% View NEO/AUD Market
POWR/AUD $0.381000 $0.432433 $0.350050 0.33% View POWR/AUD Market
GAS/AUD $7.2900 $7.2900 $6.0800 1.42% View GAS/AUD Market
RFOX/AUD $0.006300 $0.007240 $0.005800 6.77% View RFOX/AUD Market
RHOC/AUD $0.024980 $0.024960 $0.020690 0.00% View RHOC/AUD Market

How do I start trading?

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Frequently asked questions

CoinSpot’s Markets allow you to buy/sell their cryptocurrencies at the best available market price with other CoinSpot users. You can set specific price targets and if the market reaches that rate, our system will trigger to execute this trade for you.
CoinSpot’s Markets offer Australia’s lowest fee of 0.1%. When trading on our Markets you are trading with other CoinSpot users which creates opportunities for a better rate. Users who are frequent traders can benefit from the low fees and the traditional trading experience our Markets provide.
Users will need to create an order in the Markets page by entering their desired buy/sell price and amount for a coin. If the coin becomes available to fulfill at least part of your order, the market will buy/sell the coins for you at that price.

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