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What is Gold/Silver Ratio Bundle?

The CoinSpot GSR Bundle is an optimised way to gain exposure to the precious metals market by balancing allocation of gold and silver based on the Gold-Silver Ratio (GSR).

The Gold-Silver Ratio Bundle is built on the basis of mean reversion and history rhyming. The bundle aims to optimise value growth in a portfolio of both gold and silver by purchasing whichever metal is considered more "undervalued" judging by the previous 30 years performance.

The bundle breaks the GSR price into 20 brackets between the high and low of the last 30 years. Updated regularly, whenever the GSR crosses into a different bracket, the bundle changes how much gold you are buying relative to silver. When the GSR is high, you will be buying more silver relative to gold and when the GSR is low, you will be buying more gold relative to silver. This means that you will always be buying the precious metal which is more "undervalued" compared to its counterpart.

Please note: Buying the CoinSpot Gold & Silver bundle will automatically purchase the individual assets and store them in your respective CoinSpot wallets.

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