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What is CPChain?

CPChain (CPC) provides a distributed infrastructure for data management for IoT devices and systems. The whole process of data acquired from IoT networks to managing and storing is processed through the blockchain network. CPChain enables multi-party data transactions, A.I. to capture big data, and cross-chain interoperability of data assets. The platform provides a solution for data acquisition, transaction, and storage for large scale IoT systems. It addresses the present issues of scalability, siloed data in IoT systems, security, and privacy concerns by using blockchain fundamentals. CPChain seeks to provide a distributed network for IoT systems which has the potential to revolutionise multiple industries including intelligent transportation, smart medical, public security, and intelligent manufacturing, etc.

How do I buy CPChain?

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Enter the amount of CPChain (or Australian Dollar equivalent) that you would like to buy.
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