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What is FirmaChain Token?

FirmaChain (FCT) As a blockchain-based “econtract” platform, FirmaChain aims to lead the transition of all paper-based social and legal activities, like contracts and notarial agreements, to a transparent, electronic platform. FirmaChain utilises the decentralisation of the blockchain to bring security, reliability and transparency to legal document management, while simplifying verification and preventing fraud. Decentralised data storage enables storage and retrieval of large amounts of data, provides a marketplace for trading file storage contracts and simplifies transactions and payments FirmaChain ERC-20 token (FCT) functions as currency to use FirmaChain’s Decentralized Data Storage and its Duite DApp Token economy and DApp e-contract increase transaction credibility between contract providers and receivers, and also create a virtuous cycle in the larger Finance ecosystem FirmaChain aims to utilise data blockchain technology in the social and legal milieux to promote companies’ and individuals’ IP rights during the course of executing license agreements and business contracts.

How do I buy FirmaChain Token?

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