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What is Origo?

Origo (OGO) is a fully decentralized application (dApp) platform that protects users’ privacy. This solution supports normal hardware for smart contract input and output, backed by cryptography primitives like zero knowledge proof. With its flexible design, users can choose to do either public or confidential transactions on-demand, making this a suitable platform for a variety of use cases with different privacy needs. Easy-to-use toolchain with a very short learning curve enables developers to easily utilize privacy technology for their dApps. Assets can be easily exchanged based on contracts without revealing the identity of the sender, receiver or assets exchanged to the public. Employers can run paychecks based with employees - including rates, stocks and benefits - without revealing any of the details. Other key use cases include insurance, supply chain management, fundraising and IoT. Current blockchains' unprecedented transparency has an adverse impact on online privacy. Origo aims to address this challenge through its scalable, privacy-preserving platform with full decentralization and complete confidentiality.

How do I buy Origo?

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