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How to sell & buy Dogecoin

CoinSpot is a secure trading platform where you sell and buy Dogecoin in Australia giving you complete control over how much you are willing to pay or accept for your Dogecoins, putting you in the drivers seat to maximise your profits. The exchange is a 100% safe way to buy & sell Dogecoin as all the coins and funds are kept in escrow by CoinSpot until a trade is completed or cancelled.

You have a few options when buying & selling Dogecoin on CoinSpot. First option which is usually the easiest and quickest (though not the cheapest) way to make a trade is a Market Order. The price for a market order is already pre filled in the forms below so all you have to do is enter the amount of Dogecoin you want to buy or sell and click the Buy or Sell button. There is a very high chance that at least part of your order will be filled immediately when submitting a market order.

The next option for buying & selling Bitcoin is a Limit Order. With a limit order you can buy or sell or certain amount of Bitcoin at a given price or better. To submit a limit order you can change the price per Bitcoin to anything you like in the form below and click the Buy or Sell button, after you click the button the limit order will be submitted and your order will be open until either a trade occurs or you cancel the order. In order for a trade to occur you will need another individual to place a corresponding buy or sell order at your given price. This means that if you might be waiting a while or indefinitely for a trade to occur if you set the price too high or too low.

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What happens when I click the "Buy" or "Sell" button?
First thing after you click the button you will be prompted to confirm the details of your order. If you accept the confirmation you are commiting to place the order and either buy or sell the coins and an open order will be placed which may be fulfilled at any time by another individual on CoinSpot.

Can I cancel an order?
You can cancel at any time, assuming that it has not already been traded. To cancel an order click on "orders" at the top of the screen, find the order in the list and click "cancel".

How long does it take to get my coins?
The time is takes to get your coins depends on the price of the order and the volume of trades. If there is a high trade volume or you match the price of any open orders it is likely your trade will go through immediately. If however there are big movements in price or the volume is low it can take some time, potentially indefinitely and you will have to cancel your order and place it again at a different price.
To have a very high chance of getting the coins you want immediately you can use the "Prefill Buy" and "Prefill Sell" buttons next to the open orders. Using these buttons will prefill the buy or sell form at a rate which is almost certain to process immediately.

What is "Prefill buy" and "Prefill sell"?
You can click on the "Prefill buy" or "Prefill sell" link next to any open order and it will prefill the buy or sell form at the matching price and ammount to one of the open orders.

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22/03/2017 09:13 PM 45799.96331019 DOGE $0.000310 $14.20
22/03/2017 03:28 PM 96774.193548 DOGE $0.000310 $30.00
22/03/2017 03:15 PM 250000 DOGE $0.000310 $77.50
22/03/2017 03:07 PM 82381.66667066 DOGE $0.000300 $24.71
21/03/2017 11:37 PM 66666.666666 DOGE $0.000300 $20.00
21/03/2017 10:52 PM 21666.666666 DOGE $0.000300 $6.50
21/03/2017 03:15 PM 4520 DOGE $0.000299 $1.35
21/03/2017 02:23 PM 100 DOGE $0.000300 $0.03
21/03/2017 02:21 PM 65 DOGE $0.000300 $0.02
21/03/2017 02:19 PM 200 DOGE $0.000300 $0.06
21/03/2017 02:14 PM 30 DOGE $0.000300 $0.01
20/03/2017 05:09 PM 50000 DOGE $0.000300 $15.00
20/03/2017 05:08 PM 66666.666666 DOGE $0.000300 $20.00
20/03/2017 03:29 PM 66666.666666 DOGE $0.000300 $20.00
20/03/2017 01:29 PM 27190 DOGE $0.000300 $8.16
20/03/2017 01:29 PM 100 DOGE $0.000300 $0.03
20/03/2017 01:29 PM 172710 DOGE $0.000300 $51.81
20/03/2017 01:01 PM 99999.99999934 DOGE $0.000300 $30.00