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What is Ampleforth?

Designed to solve the “supply inelasticity” problem of currencies, Ampleforth (AMPL) features a smart contract design that automatically adjusts supply daily based on market demand. With this “adaptive” digital currency, the number of AMPL a user owns can change daily, but their percent ownership of the network will remain fixed (unless an active transfer is made). A unique incentive system allows AMPL to decouple from Bitcoin's price pattern and solve the problem of correlated cryptocurrencies in a dangerously homogenous system Less vulnerable to sudden demand shocks so can be used to denominate complex contracts Ideal for multiple near, medium and long term use cases, including as reserve collateral in decentralized banks The rules-based, elastic and non-dilutive AMPL crypto is bankless and speculative, providing an effective way to diversify risk against discretionary monetary policies.

How do I buy Ampleforth?

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