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What is

Fetch (FET) is a project based on the Ethereum Network with the intention of an economic ecosystem that can operate without any human intervention. FET are building a decentralised network based on the utilisation of a myriad of autonomous agents which can represent themselves, other individuals, or devices and services.

  • Fetch has the goal of automating a number of different ecosystems that currently only operate with significant human labour and interaction.
  • The Fetch team plans on enabling the self-learning network to complete millions of transactions per second, which will allow for global usage and a substantial amount of use cases.
  • All of this is based off the Proof of Work consensus model with the artificial intelligence machine learning employed by the Fetch blockchain.

Fetch have created an interesting concept surrounding the artificial intelligence field. Through the combination of blockchain technology and a dynamic artificial intelligence model, FET aims to change this space as we know it.

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