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What is YOYOW?

Short for “You Own Your Own Words”, YOYOW is a blockchain-based value network that establishes a rational content income distribution network. Through YOYOW, participants such as content producers, investors, curators and consumers get incentives and returns that quantify their participation and yield reciprocal value. Any content platform, regardless of its themes or presentation format can create its corresponding content-oriented value platform on the YOYOW network. YOYO token use cases: to give weights to content (for ratings), redeem certain services, and as a medium for value transmissions Set of toolkits simplify creation of content-oriented incentive platforms on YOYOW Users can manage their own digital assets on the YOYOW network without worrying about equity records tampering YOYOW is more than a textual content-based platform. It is a blockchain-based decentralised public network centering on content ratings. It aims to achieve content production-oriented contribution assessment and equity stake allocation.

How do I buy YOYOW?

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