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What to Know About Danny Casale And His Coolman's Universe

5 minutes a year ago

Danny Casale, a self-taught artist from New York, has made a living by creating positive and unique works of art. He is a man with a strong desire to help others and possesses a deep self-reflection. While all of his works are meant to be entertaining, many of his animations deal with serious issues.

“Sometimes, it’s a topic that speaks to recent events in my life, but it is always something that people can relate to. We are all human and experience similar events throughout our lives. I try to speak my truth as often as possible.”

That's where Spesh and Coolman's Universe come in, the embodiment of his previous point. He created Spesh (short for Special), the cute and funny main character of the Coolman's Universe to help bring some more positivity into people's lives.

Forks tend to occur when the developers of a blockchain decide something fundamental about it needs to be changed, or the user base of a currency or project, would like to see it evolve in a different direction. Forks often have a large impact, and can sometimes result in an alternative currency being created.

What is Coolman’s Universe?

Danny Casale created Coolman's Universe to extend his existing art and brand into the NFT world, building a more intimate relationship between Danny Casales art, his fans, and now collectors.

How many Coolman NFTs are there?

There are a total of 10,000 unique NFTs. Ownership of these NFTs will forever be provable on the Ethereum blockchain, and the NFTs will not expire.

Project Roadmap

Danny likes to describe the Coolman's Universe NFT project as a lifelong play. It begins with a ten-year plan for growth and expansion, followed by quarterly roadmaps. Airdrops, merch, and even a television show are all in the works.

Coolman’s Universe recently announced a new NFT drop, expanding their universe: the “BABIES '' collection. The team claims that this is the first layer of their long-term plan to create a truly innovative way for users to experience their “Species” and, soon, “babies.”

Where to buy NFT?

You can buy Coolman NFTs right here on CoinSpot! Set up a CoinSpot account, and you can use any currency in your account to buy your favorite NFTs! We are home to some of the most popular NFT collections, such as Dennis Rodman's Barbershop, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Hashmasks!

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