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World of Women (WoW): Everything You Should Know

8 minutes a year ago

With the exponential growth of the Non-fungible token (NFT) market throughout 2021, you may have heard of Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and Meebits, all of which have been among the best selling NFT projects. Amongst these popular collections is World of Women (WoW), which ranks in the top 20 for all-time sales volume with over $161.1 million traded.

World of Women (WoW) NFTs

As NFTs began to sweep the crypto space in 2021, developer Yam Karkai published a collection of 10,000 unique women avatars on the Ethereum blockchain.

WoW NFT holders obtains 100% ownership and all of its Intellectual Property (IP) rights, functioning as a critical difference-maker in decentralised intellectual property.

It means that Word of Women NFT holders may use their NFT any way they wish, even commercially. In saying this, the project maintains a ‘master’ license right across 10,000 NFTs. IP ownership is transferred when the NFT is sold.

Offering holders the economic rights to their work is one of the primary rewards of owning WoW NFTs.

These ERC-721 tokens are randomly generated digital collectibles of varying rarity, with some uncommon, some extremely rare, and some considered to be exceptional. For example, these 10,000 randomly produced NFTs comprise features including 28 eye combinations, 17 pairs of earrings, 14 skin tones, 11 backdrops, and seven lip colours.

While each WoW NFT is an 800x800 PNG file accessible for the right-click savers, it is only by possessing a WoW NFT that one may unlock its ultra-high resolution 4000x4000 version.

The World of Women team has also handed away 100 signed framed prints to token owners and published their own album which is accessible on Spotify.

Big Developments

Most recently, the World of Women team announced the introduction of DAWOW to be more decentralised by enabling NFT holders to make choices regarding the project’s future. =

The initial step towards community governance was achieved via DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation called DAWOW, where NFT holders are able to vote on developments in the project. Each WoW holder has one vote, and there are currently over 5,000 individual WOW NFT holders.

The World of Women collection was shown in person at the Seattle NFT Museum in 2022. The exhibition’s run coincided with Women’s History Month running from February 26 through March.

Previously, World of Women inked a contract with Universal Music Group by releasing a series of Kendra Jae NFTs through 10:22 PM. 10:22 PM is the next-generation label of Universal Music Group, its CEO Celine Joshua has praised WoW for bringing more women into the realm of NFTs and blockchain.

The WoW brand then collaborated with ThoughtMatter, a New York City based design company, to help the WoW brand to reflect its aspirations and values.

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