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What is API3?

API3 (API3) seeks to build, manage and monetise Decentralised APIs (dAPIs) at scale to enable smart contracts to access dependable data.

  • Currently oracles are the only way that smart contracts and APIs communicate. However, API3 believe oracles are a form of middleware that increase costs and centralisation.
  • The API3 platform enables developers to create decentralised applications (dApps) with decentrally governed and secure data feeds.
  • API3 token is used for governance of the ecosystem through the API3 DAO. Holders can stake API3 into the insurance pool, which gives them access to weekly staking rewards.

API3 provides a secure and interoperable solution to the API connectivity problem that many decentralised technologies face.

What is a Stop Loss Order?

A Stop Loss Order is a type of order where you can set the amount of bitcoin you would like to sell at a desired price BELOW the current market price.

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How do I Set a Stop Loss Order for API3?

Select the price (Trigger) you would like to sell your API3 if the market rate falls.
Enter the quantity you would like to sell if the market rate falls to your selected price.
Click ‘Set Stop Loss’ to confirm your API3 Stop Loss and your order will be created. Manage your open orders from the Open Orders page.
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