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What is Cortex?

Cortex blockchain based CVM (Cortex Virtual Machine) is ported from and is backward-compatible to EVM i.e. Ethereum Virtual Machine. CTXC tokens can be used as transaction fee, for staking, and during smart contracts execution within this AI platform. Cortex has designed a network of virtual machines to create a framework known as the Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM). Using the CVM framework Cortex supports AI systems and AI-powered dApps (decentralised applications). Cortex utilises an incentive system which allows users to enter into cooperative collaboration. Cortex (CTXC) strives to obtain a significant level of AI democratisation. Its AI Inference Engine, Synapse is meant to maintain indifferent AI interference results across heterogeneous computing environments. Also, Cortex envisions giving higher-than-ever rewards to researchers through its AI blockchain.

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