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What is Maker?

Maker (MKR) token allows holders the ability to govern the Maker protocol and access the Dai cryptocurrency. Dai is a decentralized, collateral-backed cryptocurrency pegged to the US Dollar.

  • Dai is a stable currency that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Any business or individual can utilise and gain the advantages of digital money.
  • By holding Dai, users can start to earn the Dai Savings Rate which is set by the Maker community.
  • Through a Maker product called Oasis, users can exchange various cryptocurrency tokens, borrow Dai and earn savings.

The Maker team believes there is a growing frustration and distrust of centralised financial systems. They are looking to provide a functioning, decentralised and stable digital currency for the world.

How do I buy Maker?

Deposit funds into your account.
Enter the amount of Maker (or Australian Dollar equivalent) that you would like to buy.
Click ‘Buy' to confirm your Maker purchase and your Maker will arrive in your CoinSpot wallet within minutes.
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